PAWS Information

PAWS is a time during when teachers and students will pause to ensure that students have opportunities during the school day for the enrichment and/or remediation they need to be successful here at Perry High School. PAWs will take place every Tuesday and Thursday between 2nd and 3rd period from 9:25 – 10:00. Students have the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions that include homework help, tutoring, study hall, labs, enrichment, college related informational sessions, club activities or silent reading, among many other opportunities. Available sessions can be accessed on Friday for the following week on the main page of our website.  We encourage you to review the sessions with your child to maximize their options and time.  Please know that your student may be assigned an academic session to address an identified learning need by their teacher. Because students have the flexibility to choose their sessions, it will not be feasible to call students out of PAWS sessions for early dismissals. Please plan ahead for appointments on Tuesdays and Thursdays to make sure students leave either before or after PAWS.

We are excited for this additional time to meet your child’s needs.

Thank you for your continued support!

Click here for the current PAWS offerings: PAWS Schedule